Patent Analytics Reports

Patent Due Diligence

During 2008, more than one-third of investment-related legal expenses were allocated to IP due diligence.

The Pantros IP Patent Factor Index Analytics - PFI™ Report provides a detailed analysis of patent quality to aid in fast, focused identification of both high and low quality patents to support management decisions - objectively, transparently, and immediately.

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To Generate Your Reports:
Enter your Patent / Application #. ie: US 5678909, US 20030030502, EP 0144269, or WO 2003007734, choose report, then "Buy Now". You can mix authorities in your selection list. If entering more than one patent, please enter them on separate lines.

Three Patent Analytics Report Options:
Patent Value Report
$199 each
Patent Factor Report
$299 each
Combined Report
$449 each

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Quick Facts:

  • Patent Value Reports do not compute value of Provisional Patent Applications or non-US patents.
  • Design Patents are not available for the Patent Factor Index or Combined Reports.
  • Regardless of the methods used, determining the economic value of a patent is nearly impossible. Pantros IP's reports compute estimated value based on statistics, and should be used as a comparative gauge against known or estimated value of comparable patents.

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